112 Castle lane West Bournemouth BH93JU


I am a female freehand tattooist based in Bournemouth. I do a varied spectrum of tattoos in colour and black and grey.‚Äč

If you have a specific design in mind i can work with your ideas to create a piece unique to you.

I tattoo small tattoos, right up to full back pieces. I cover japanese, polynesian, portraits - people and animals, mehndi, maouri, dot work, pattern work etc etc

I also do cover-ups if you have an existing tattoo you would like to cover, bear in mind only certain colours cover other colours so you may have to be open to what can be put over your existing one.

Whether it is a fresh tattoo that you want or one covered up i will only start tattooing it once you are happy with the design. You will be wearing it for life i want you to be happy with it.

Please browse through my photos on the About Me page and feel free to contact me with any queries/bookings

Thankyou for looking